Cadmatic and Semantum sign cooperation agreement to provide a complete solution to digitalize P&ID drawings

Posted on June 12, 2023

Cadmatic and Semantum have signed a memorandum of understanding to together provide solution to digitalize P&ID drawings and bring them into smart design and digital twin environments. The solution consists of Semantum’s Model Broker software and CADMATIC P&ID and the CADMATIC eShare digital twin portal as well as related services.

Model Broker is an engineering automation solution that can transform old PDF drawings into intelligent, machine-readable process diagrams. With CADMATIC P&ID, customers can then re-use them, and modify them in re-vamp projects. CADMATIC eShare is a digital twin platform that allows easy access to these intelligent drawings for all participants, and connects the drawings to all other information, like the 3D model, other drawings, and maintenance systems.

“We are very excited about the cooperation with Semantum. Their tool is smart, field-proven and it can deliver vast time and cost savings in digitalizing diagrams. And this is digitalization in its very core; not just drawings as PDFs, but really transforming them into intelligent diagrams with metadata and topology,” says Mikko Yllikäinen, Vice President Information Management Applications at Cadmatic.

Yllikäinen indicates that the solution is a real game-changer as many existing diagrams lack intelligence, which means their full potential in use and re-use cannot be fulfilled. The combination of Semantum’s tools and know-how with CADMATIC P&ID allows users to continue design work on intelligent drawings.

“Designers can also publish the drawings in our digital twin platform eShare to share the diagrams and to connect them with all other information. The combination really allows our customers to take control of their most important documents,” says Yllikäinen.

Tommi Karhela from Semantum is equally enthused about the cooperation. 

“Industry is shifting from document-based information management to model-based information management. Instead of maintaining graphical drawings, they want to maintain data in machine-readable formats. Semantum is excited to collaborate with Cadmatic and to help Cadmatic customers to transform old diagrams into intelligent assets,” says Tommi Karhela, Business Development Director at Semantum.