Cadmatic and ITI collaborate to enhance performance of CADMATIC 3D Plant Design with innovative model simplification solution

Posted on October 02, 2023

Cadmatic has joined forces with International Technegroup Incorporated (ITI), a leading provider of interoperability solutions, to use ITI’s CADfix PPS model simplification solution to enhance the performance of CADMATIC 3D Plant Design.

The partnership has given birth to an exciting new add-on product, the Cadmatic Model Simplifier, which significantly enhances CADMATIC 3D Plant Design performance. This groundbreaking solution is empowered by ITI's CADfix PPS automatic model simplification technology, designed to address the challenges posed by importing large and complex equipment assembly models.

The CADfix PPS automatic model simplification wizard enables engineers to achieve rapid and automatic simplification of fully detailed CAD models, removing small parts, unwanted features, internal components, and transforming complex structures into basic shapes. This breakthrough technology, integrated into CADMATIC 3D Plant Design, optimizes performance and streamlines the design process.

Tommy Norström, Commercial Offering Director, Cadmatic, said, “At Cadmatic, we understand the specific engineering needs of our customers in the plant industry. Our 3D plant design tools are created to meet the needs of your team for any size or complexity of project. Plant layouts include many machines and large equipment installations. Having a CAD model of these installations with all manufacturing details can adversely impact performance. The new Cadmatic simplification tool powered by CADfix PPS allows users to eliminate small CAD features and excessive details and to seamlessly integrate the equipment model into the plant model. Customers can now significantly increase the performance of CADMATIC 3D Plant Design and enhance productivity.”
CADfix PPS automatic simplification graphics

Figure: CADfix PPS automatic simplification of complex MCAD equipment assembly model

The newly introduced add-on product facilitates the import of complex 3D CAD equipment models from external Mechanical CAD (MCAD) systems into CADMATIC 3D Plant Design. During the import process, engineers have the option of simplifying equipment items before their integration into the layout model. This efficiency improvement translates into faster work, quicker loading times, and expedited drawing creation, enabling customers to work on projects more efficiently and with greater precision.

Andy Chinn, Director, ITI, said, “We are delighted to be working with Cadmatic to deliver the new model simplification product that extensively heightens performance and allows customers to reduce large MCAD model files ahead of integration into CADMTIC 3D Plant Design. It is rewarding to see CADfix PPS contributing to the enriched usability of plant design systems, saving days of non-productive geometry simplification, and ultimately helping customers get to production faster.”

This collaboration between ITI and Cadmatic marks a significant leap forward in the field of plant design, providing engineers with the tools they need to streamline their processes, improve productivity, and enhance overall project outcomes.