CADMATIC acquires Eagle technology from Macrovision

Posted on May 15, 2019

CADMATIC and Macrovision have agreed a major technology co-operation deal. CADMATIC has purchased specially commissioned software technology and development incorporating customized modules of Macrovision Eagle Software Framework. The deal will support CADMATIC's ambitious business and growth strategy.

The agreement provides CADMATIC with the necessary technical know-how, commercial property rights, source code and future development control of this specially developed technology. The agreed solution provides CADMATIC with the flexibility and agility required to rapidly respond to client needs in the marine, process and energy industries.

CADMATIC has utilized Macrovision's Eagle Framework technology as a development platform for its ship hull 3D design products. This new transaction is part of CADMATIC's dynamic growth and investment strategy that will enable the flexible and independent development of the technology and its commercial exploitation as part of CADMATIC's product portfolio. An intense period of transfer of technology and know-how will take place during 2019 with continued close co-operation until 2021.

“The purchase from Macrovision of this unique technology supports our vision of modern, digital and drawingless ship hull design and production. We are very pleased that we found a solution with Macrovision that supports this goal,” says Jukka Rantala, CADMATIC CEO.

“CADMATIC and Macrovision have worked together for many years. Our co-operation has been very beneficial for both parties. We recognize CADMATIC need flexibility as they move to a new level of development in their business cycle and Macrovision as a keen supporter of agile methods are happy to support CADMATIC in attaining its growth goals. We have undertaken similar technology projects in the past and each represents a unique set of exciting challenges,” says Macrovision CEO Kieran Kelly.