Beyond 2030 challenge

CADMATIC is a proud sponsor of the Beyond 2030 challenge. In the competition, upper secondary education students from Finland develop new ideas, innovations and applications that help save the environment and/or humanity.

“At CADMATIC we love innovation and science. The Beyond 2030 challenge is a perfect fit for our values of continuously improving and succeeding together,” says CADMATIC Global HR Business Partner Jonna Stenberg.

The semi-final of the competition was recently held on 14 January where five teams were selected to continue to the final stage. In the final stage, the teams will develop their ideas and build a demo or prototype, which will be showcased in the final on 1 April.

The selected project topics for the final are:

  • Automatic dimming and brightening of streetlights in reaction to traffic  
  • Cessation of the production of telomerase enzyme to serve as cancer treatment 
  • Mobile application to read packaging labels and indicate correct recycling method
  • Blue mussel growing grounds to combat eutrophication of Finnish Archipelago Sea 
  • Soil management and correct use to create carbon sinks  

Timo Riisiö from CADMATIC has been one of the jury panellists throughout the competition.

“I am really looking forward to the final to see how the teams take their ideas forward and create something concrete. This is a very worthy cause, and I am happy that at CADMATIC we are doing our bit to promote science and are getting youngsters interested in science and excited about solving the challenges of our times.”

CADMATIC wishes all the participants the best of luck. Knowledge is power!

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