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Written by Juha Asanti

Posted on February 14, 2023

Everyone seems to be talking about Generative AI and ChatGPT these days, and how they will forever change the face of so many professions and industries around the world. This is undeniably true, and in the shipbuilding industry, we must keep an eye on how AI will assist us in building and operating smarter ships and shipyards with the help of digital twins and the like. But that's a different story... 

All this talk of change made me think of the old expression "the more things change, the more they stay the same". For us, this means that our commitment to the shipbuilding industry has not wavered; in fact, we are more embedded and committed than ever before. It is in our best interests to continue providing solutions that enable our customers to design, build, and deliver ships in the most profitable and sustainable manner possible. We are successful if our customers are successful. 

This is our stance, but I've noticed that some marine CAD software providers don't appear to be as committed to the shipbuilding industry as they once were. My colleague Matti Juntunen recently wrote a blog about the perplexing exodus of shipbuilding experts from some marine CAD vendors. Some vendors are also falling behind in delivering new ship design and shipbuilding solutions that propel the industry forward. It remains to be seen whether this is a temporary realignment for them or whether they intend to leave the industry entirely. I don’t think you can serve your customers properly if you’re not fully committed to the industry they work in.  

Fortunately, the situation could not be more different for us. Three times a year, we release new software releases with great features developed in response to feedback from ship design companies and shipyards. Our recent announcement of a partnership with CONTACT software to deliver a shipbuilding-specific PLM solution for shipyards demonstrates our long-term commitment to the industry and our ability to innovate and solve our customers' problems. 

We work in an exciting industry that is always changing and evolving. I appreciate that no two customer cases are alike and that we can collaborate with them to find solutions to their challenges. They want to become more competent, which raises the bar for our solutions. Our passion for the marine industry keeps us interested and involved in the operations of our customers.  

We will walk the path of the changing ship design and shipbuilding landscape together.