Shipbuilders unite – highlights from the Cadmatic Digital Wave Forum

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Written by Juha Asanti

Posted on October 31, 2023

Over 200 shipbuilding experts from around the world attended the Cadmatic Digital Wave Forum in Hamburg, Germany, for two days of innovation, networking, and inspiration.

First and foremost, I was delighted that it was such a huge success, thanks to the enthusiasm and skill of our attendees. The event flourished on collaboration and knowledge exchange, fostering a sense of community and growth among shipbuilders!

Our clients gave presentations at the forum, providing us with essential insights and new ideas on the future of shipbuilding and we unveiled CADMATIC Wave, a game-changing shipbuilding data management solution. Several workshops were held over the two days where our customers were introduced to exciting new software features. The participants also benefitted from the valuable networking opportunities to interact with shipbuilding professionals.

Cadmatic Wave event

In my presentation, I focused on the changing shipbuilding landscape from a technological viewpoint and the excitement surrounding digital shipbuilding, smart shipyards, Maritime 4.0, Industry 5.0, and other emerging technologies. My main point was that there are numerous technological changes happening in the industry, but that it is not yet so easy to understand which of those will break through and how the industry can benefit from them. Therefore, it is essential for shipyards to have a strategic software partner who is not just a general software vendor, but one that has long-term shipbuilding knowledge and expertise. Cadmatic is dedicated to improving our CAD tools, increasing our portfolio, and providing flexible software solutions (on-premise/cloud-based) to help our customers remain competitive in the fast changing shipbuilding landscape.

Several of my colleagues also gave fantastic presentations, of which I provide brief summaries of their main messages below.

Mikko Marsio spoke after me and shed light on the shipbuilding industry's shifting software landscape, where subscription models are gaining traction. He emphasized how Cadmatic's cloud readiness provides customers with flexibility and personalization. He was followed by Ludmila Seppälä, who explored the complexities of digital shipbuilding, highlighting major trends in technology, digital tools, and sustainability. She underlined Cadmatic's role in addressing complexity and embracing sustainability.

A man speaking at the event

Then it was time to look at our exciting software applications. Timo Kaltio focused on Cadmatic's expanding design product portfolio, commitment to customer needs, and introduced CADMATIC Wave as a comprehensive solution for data-driven shipbuilding. Atte Peltola continued with a thorough overview of CADMATIC Wave. He emphasized the role the groundbreaking and agile process and data management solution can play in boosting shipbuilding efficiency, enhancing collaboration and transparency, and helping shipbuilders make better decisions.

Marcus Bole continued the information management theme by discussing how CADMATIC eShare facilitates knowledge synchronization and collaboration in cross-organizational teams by sharing and organizing 3D models, documents, and data from various IT systems.

Overall, the Cadmatic Digital Wave Forum was a great success, made possible by our attendees' united passion and dedication. As we carve out the future of shipbuilding, we are on the verge of Maritime 5.0, an era centered on human-cyber-physical connections, collaboration, and sustainability

We're grateful for everyone who joined us on this incredible journey and helped make it a success. Together, we're shaping the shipbuilding industry, driving innovation, and embracing the digital wave. 

You can watch the highlight reel of the event below.