Sami's business review – Vice President: Process & Industry

Sami Koponen, Vice President: Process & Industry reviews the current business environment with a focus on the impacts of Covid-19.

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Written by Sami Koponen

Posted on June 02, 2020

Corona…it seems there is not a business that has not been impacted. Some of these impacts have been positive, but unfortunately most businesses have been negatively impacted.

This raises the question what the world will look like when we get back to “normal”. There is maybe an even bigger question that needs answering: what will the new normal be?

Despite the Corona pandemic, we gained a record number of new customers in April, thank you for trusting us and our technologies during challenging times!

We are trying our best to be a force for good on the market and we believe in a positive new normal. For this reason, we have continued recruiting new employees in the last few months.

Before Covid-19 struck, we were preparing an academy for virtual learning to reduce the time needed start using our software. Luckily, this proved to be the right in time and have provided our customers with the opportunity to continue implementing CADMATIC despite the current situation. On-line learning also reduces the cost of the software implementation.

At CADMATIC, we changed our license policy temporary due to the Covid-19 outbreak to allow our customers’ employees to use CADMATIC directly from home. This has been well received and we have noticed that many of our customers in several countries have successfully transferred their activities from their offices to home working with CoDesigner. I am happy to see that their projects are running smoothly. Our information management applications also allow them to enhance collaboration between engineers, customers and construction sites.