Sami's business review – E-learning a cost-effective and flexible CAD training alternative

Sami Koponen, Vice President: Process & Industry, discusses the e-learning environment and what CADMATIC offers.

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Written by Sami Koponen

Posted on July 09, 2020

According to Wikipedia, “E-learning is a learning environment which uses information and communication technologies (ICT) as a platform for teaching and learning activities”. Generally speaking, it is understood as distance learning that nowadays is conducted via the internet and with the help of online communications technologies.

Some of the greatest benefits of e-learning are its cost-effectiveness and the flexibility it allows as well as time saved by eliminating travel to and from the place of learning by the instructor and/or trainees/students. The use of digital technologies at work, home and on the move has become second nature to the younger generation, which providing a further boost to digitalization in industry.

Many schools and universities around the globe have been offering e-learning to some extent already for years. The Covid-19 pandemic saw this increase exponentially when large-scale closures of schools were forced around the world. It remains to be seen whether the pandemic will see more e-learning in schools in the future. Will it even replace traditional schooling as we know it today?

In industry and the CAD world, e-learning is quite new, although it is gaining pace quickly. The more traditional face-to-face training approach was still widespread in industry before Covid-19.

For e-learning to be successful in industry, the end customer has to buy in to the concept and ensure that the environment is conducive to learning. A hybrid approach is also possible, where part of software and administration training is conducted online, which can then be augmented with contact sessions.

In addition to traditional training, the personal trainer concept can also be included in e-learning. A personal trainer can be employed on an hourly basis to guide, teach, and assist in refreshing skills of current employees or newly hired staff. This kind of training can easily be combined with a normal working day.

Fortunately, at CADMATIC we started developing our own e-learning environment already before the pandemic. Our first customers have already started taking advantage of e-learning in training their employees. We offer standard software users training and administrator training as well as customized and refresher courses according to customers’ needs. If you are interested in the e-learning options we have available, please send an email to