EPC projects can benefit greatly from digital twins

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Written by Kari Manner

Posted on January 08, 2023

One of the most difficult issues in EPC projects is the multitude of software tools that are frequently used in projects, the majority of which do not always integrate smoothly. Bringing different stakeholders together needs a solution that can overcome the jungle of various engineering software solutions to establish an open, collaborative environment.

Access to reliable data from various systems at the right time and place is critical for making good project decisions. Unfortunately, limited access to project information and technical documentation from various sources remains a persistent issue in many EPC projects. Siloed groups result in inefficient business processes as well as missing or outdated engineering information.

The data is out there, but gathering it and realizing its full value remains difficult.

Digital twin that runs “on top” of all other systems 

One solution to this problem is to create a digital twin of the plant asset that can operate "on top" of all other systems to collect asset data from various sources.

EPCs can use a digital twin like this during the design phase to evaluate production processes before plants are built. Digital twins aid in the evaluation and application of engineering improvements throughout the construction process. They add a visual layer to asset information, making it easier and faster for stakeholders at all levels to obtain the information they require.

Digital twins can help to eliminate costly mistakes by improving communication among project stakeholders. By increasing or granting access to critical project information, users can make better decisions about day-to-day project operations. By visualizing work packages in critical pathways, deadline and budget overruns can be avoided. Finally, rather than the traditional one-time handover after commissioning, the development of a single platform allows participants to participate continuously throughout the duration of a project.

A digital twin solution – CADMATIC eShare

CADMATIC eShare is one solution to this problem. Rather than duplicating current functionality, it gathers information from numerous sources through a federated layer on top of asset information. In essence, eShare is a platform that allows access to all asset data. This is achieved by interfacing with current data sources and delivering integrated visualization. In other words, the data remains where it is, but it can be viewed as a group in eShare's integrated digital twin.

ARC Advisory Group white paper

ARC Advisory Group has created a white paper on the challenges of merging disparate asset information in the digital twin. Download it for free and start your journey to taking your asset information management to the next level.

Download white paper on merging disparate information in the digital twin.