Digital transformation is gaining pace

Geert Tepper, Vice President: Marine, discusses the increasing pace with which digital transformation is taking place in the Marine Industry.

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Written by Geert Tepper

Posted on May 24, 2021

Digital transformation has been a buzz­word topic for some years in the Marine Industry. Now, the industry is moving with greater pace from talk to action. We are seeing the beginnings of a digital revolu­tion that is transforming current business models and creating new ones.

At CADMATIC, we are aware of the shift by shipyards towards em­bracing the vast opportunities that advanced digitalization can bring in the shipbuilding life cycle. We are supporting these transformation goals with our own roadmaps and solutions for optimized ship design and shipbuilding. We provide ded­icated and user-friendly solutions that enable any shipbuilding organisation to take the first steps towards data-driven shipbuilding.

Contrary to some perceptions, digital transformation is not some­thing reserved only for large and high-profile organizations. Medi­um-sized and smaller shipyards are also digitally transforming to increase efficiency and profitability. They understand that they stand to benefit by accelerating time-to-­market, driving down costs, short­ening lead-times, and improving quality in design, manufacturing, and the supply chain.

Data-driven shipbuilding and solutions that support digital transformation

CADMATIC’s concept of data-driven shipbuilding is based on our vision of a transformed shipbuilding in­dustry – one that is driven by data. We focus on data quality, consis­tency, and interconnectivity, as well as on minimizing or eliminating manual data handling. In data-driven ship­building, digital data streams are consistent, reliable, and reusable across disciplines, project phases, and ship series.

CADMATIC eShare is our cornerstone solution to support data-driven shipbuilding and drive digital transformation. It is an in­novative and easy-to-use platform for the creation and utilization of digital twins. With eShare, ship­yards can link, visualize, and share ship design, engineering, planning, production, inspection, and oper­ation information in a web-based platform. This powerful tool helps ship­yards make faster and more accu­rate decisions. It acts as the single source of truth throughout the shipbuilding life cycle for all proj­ect-related information. 

CADMATIC Floorganise is anoth­er tool that can improve operational efficiency at shipyards by bridging the information flow gap between engineering and design, planning, and production execution. 

We are excited about the digital transformation we are witnessing in the Marine Industry and look for­ward to working with our customers to ensure they can take full advantage of the immense opportunities it brings.