Piping material management Puma5 application interface with CADMATIC 3D Plant Design

Information flow efficiency ensures design quality

Some of the main imperatives for data-driven design and engineering in CADMATIC applications are reducing the laborious manual work associated with data transfer and speeding up data transfer between different data formats. These tasks can be very time consuming and inefficient in design projects where material management is handled separately from 3D design.

The newly developed interface between Puma5 and CADMATIC 3D Plant Design aims to significantly improve data flow between the systems and ensures the quality of design solutions.

The interface allows pipe materials management software data to be imported into CADMATIC, after which the piping specification can be used directly for 3D modelling. All the pipe part objects in CADMATIC are generated with data from pipe material management software including attributes such as part numbers and part preparation status.

For this purpose, we developed a new method to model pipe specifications in CADMATIC from external data. The interface can be used to import piping specifications from PUMA5 into CADMATIC. This improves the quality of the pipe specification data, eases the workload of the administrators, and facilitates the response to rapid changes in the design process.

The tool currently handles the import with the use of piping standards. In general, it can be used to generate objects from any standards, or even to generate customized objects.

Significance of PUMA5 integration with CADMATC

Piping material management systems are critical in ensuring that the piping specifications used in the design phase are according to standards and regulations. The interface aims to eliminate the gap between PUMA5 and CADMATIC.

The way data transfers are handled throughout project life cycles is crucial in gaining a competitive advantage. The more precise, flexible and faster data transfer and generation is in the early design phases, the better the quality is in the long run.

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