Outfitting Administrator IT & COS Training

This training is meant for administrating the software and the COS environment for CADMATIC. Basic User training, the Advanced User training and the Component Modeller training is therefore recommended when participating in this course, and also some experience in the software.

Elementary knowledge Outfitting Basic User Training, Advanced User training, Component Modeller training recommended

Total training days 3 days

Maximum participants 6 users

Day 1

  • Installation of applications
  • Installation of license server
  • COS server
  • Installation of COS server
  • Event log

Day 2

  • Directory structure
  • Profiles (.prf files)
  • Local cache files
  • Create project, workspaces and design areas
  • COS schema, object types and attributes
  • Users and security policies

Day 3

  • Backup
  • Globally distributed design
  • Create & close satellite site
  • ICT – notes
  • Debug databases