Outfitting Administrator Document Production Training

This training is meant for administrating document production of CADMATIC or CADMATIC piping module. A good knowledge of CADMATIC or CADMATIC Plant Modeller is required. Basic User training, the Advanced User training and the Component Modeller training is therefore required when participating in this course, and also some experience in the software (minimum 1 month of working with the software).

Elementary knowledge Outfitting Basic User training, Advanced User training, Component Modeller training + 1 month of experience

Total training days 4 days

Maximum participants 6 users

Day 1

  • Model attributes & Attribute classes
  • Project settings & Coordinate references
  • Color palettes & surface shading
  • Customizing eBrowser publish
  • COS attributes
  • Object browser queries, hierarchies, search, favourites, column views
  • Icons

Day 2

  • Document flow
  • Reserved tag names
  • material files & header files
  • Instructions controlling generation of documents (ICGD)
  • Format control object

Day 3

  • Drawing sheets without & with BOM
  • Customizations of BOM (PmMfile.mac & PiCustomMfile.mac)
  • Isometric name generation & break rules
  • Isometric settings (Manage Isos & Pipe)

Day 4

  • 2D symbols
  • Differences of text type symbols & general symbols
  • Differences between PM and PI
  • Isometric axis symbol
  • Labels (object, connection, point)
  • Drafting styles, Line attribute styles & layer styles
  • Drawing export configuration (to AutoCad)
  • Automatic labeling
  • Coordinate labels