Hull Shell Plate Development Training

This training is meant for 3D designers / production engineers. The duration of the training is two days. The Hull User Training is required when participating in this course, some experience in the software and knowledge about developing shell plates.

Elementary knowledge Hull Basic User Training and knowledge about developing shell plates

Total training days 2 days

Maximum participants 4 users

Day 1

  • The creation of shell views
  • Definition of hull groups
  • Modifying shell views
  • Update functions of shell views
  • Creating seams
  • Creating butts
  • Modifying / removing seams and butts
  • Copy seams and butts
  • Manipulation of hull lines

Day 2

  • Creating / modify / remove shell plates
  • Creating / modify / remove templates
  • Special shell plate settings
  • Add / modify / remove extra length / shrinkage compensation
  • Creating special shell plates over CL at stem and stern
  • Code shell plates
  • Checking results
  • Create reports
  • Pin Jigs