Hull — Basic Design Training

This training is meant for designers / structural engineers working in basic design. The duration of the training is two days. The Hull User Training is required when participating in this course, and some experience in the basic design process.

Elementary knowledge Hull Basic User Training

Total training days 2 days

Maximum participants 6 users

Day 1

  • Creating and modifying the main construction while applying a high level of topology
  • Creating and modifying double bottom floor construction with functional design templates
  • Modifying construction based on predefined rules
  • Working on the main class drawings

Day 2

  • Working on the main class drawings (continued)
  • Creating and working on plans and arrangements
  • Generating material, weight + COG, and weld length lists from the preliminary construction
  • Calculating preliminary weight based on possible block division
  • Utilizing the preliminary construction to start up the Detail Design phase