Hull — Administrator Advanced Training

This training is meant for key users and hull administrators. The duration of the training is three days. The Hull Administrator Training is required when participating in this course.

Elementary knowledge Hull Administrator Training

Total training days 3 days

Maximum participants 4 users

Day 1

  • Introduction to end types / holes / cutouts / ridges
  • Explanation of geometry macro type file
  • Explanation of command macro type file
  • Creating new end types
  • Add new end types to standard norms
  • Create end type models for profile sketch
  • Test end type

Day 2

  • Create new hole type
  • Add hole to standard norms
  • Create hole model for profile sketch detail
  • Create new cutout
  • Add cutout to standard norms

Day 3

  • Introduction to brackets
  • Explanation of bracket geometry type file
  • Explanation of bracket command type file
  • Create new bracket type
  • Add bracket to standard norms
  • Test / modify bracket