eShare for Marine Industry

eShare – Beyond 3D review: information management and visualization

eShare complements design and engineering solutions by providing an innovative and easy way to utilize digital twins and optimize business processes. It allows organizations to combine, find, visualize and share project and asset information in a single and easily accessible web portal. People in different project stages can use eShare to access information created with specialized applications for design and other business functions, without having to use each application separately.

Get the most out of your engineering data assets:
step up from file-based thinking to shared online information with eShare:

  • Up-to-date view of all project data: 3D model, 2D drawings, attributes, additional and external information
  • All data and drawings are linked, can be searched for and visualized
  • Information can be added on top of the engineering model
  • Visualize any information - for example, status of installation to follow assembly and construction progress

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Learn more and try eShare

  • Get digital twin of you project in a web portal
  • All consolidated project related data in one window:
    3D model, drawings, additional information from other databases
  • Benefit from integrations: see data from all the systems in one place
  • Follow project progress and minimize the impact of changes

Key facts:
  • Documents and 3D model brought automatically from design applications and are linked together
  • Share notes and ideas via markups and smart points, and collect feedback from all teams
  • Update any object regarding group status information, find fitting pipes, see anomalies in operation or categorize objects to detect errors
  • Sync 3D and 2D data with eGo to get data to-go
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