Information Management

Information Management

The CADMATIC Information Management solution provides a single access point to all project-related information with an easy-to-use web-based interface for both Marine and Plant.

At all stages of the project lifecycle, there is a great amount of information being produced and collected. It increases exponentially as the project progresses and evolves when the project status changes from concept to design and construction, asset management and maintenance. 

Information management products family

eBrowser – is a file based 3D viewer and collaboration tool. It allows users to walk through the model, easily locate and check details about any objects, check dimensions, use maps and make markups. The extremely small file size (about 10Mb per project) that originates from the CADMATIC design application (or converted from another system using CADMATIC eXchangers) can be reviewed in eBrowser without the need to use or have experience of the whole information management system. Project managers, owners, and on-site construction staff can benefit from viewing the whole digital model in 3D.

eShare – an information management portal for consolidating all engineering, maintenance and operations data, and it also works great with eGo. It makes information available for all related business processes such as project management, procurement, production, construction, operations, and maintenance. eShare provides real-time accurate information by accessing available project related databases, improves communication and reduces information inaccuracy risks.

eGo – take the 3D model and data to-go, and update status to eShare. With eGo, it is easy to see the 3D model and navigate in it with touch gestures. It can also be used in combination with eShare. A model can, for example, be loaded from eShare to eGo, after which data can be added on-site. This way it serves as the easiest tool to make all engineering data mobile.

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