CADMATIC eGo for Process & Industry

CADMATIC eGo – 3D project mobile review for Windows tablets and backend connection to eShare web server

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Key benefits

  • Complete 3D model with metadata for mobile use
  • Sync models, drawings and data with eShare
  • Access project documents for offline use
  • Open and navigate 3D models in eBrowser format with a touch-based user interface
  • Search for objects, also with QR codes
  • Add measurements and labels to views
CADMATIC eGo for Process & Industry

CADMATIC eGo makes on-site trips more effective and brings real mobility to design projects. 

eGo allows users to utilize project data more extensively on-site by allowing offline access to the complete 3D model and 2D documentation from the eShare server. 

3D model with documentation on the go 

You can install CADMATIC eGo on an off-the-shelf Microsoft Windows® tablet device and take it on the road. 3D models with piping drawings, HVAC drawings, electrical drawings and other project documentation travel with you, and you can quickly check facts during meetings, phone calls, and site visits. 

CADMATIC eGo adds intelligence and convenience to on- site planning and inspection rounds. As design data is completely portable, you can easily compare the digital design to the real-world objects, note down your observations, take photos, and attach the gathered information directly to the 3D model.

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