CADMATIC eGo for Marine Industry

Get the complete project for review on a Windows tablet.


Key benefits

  • Complete 3D model with metadata for mobile use
  • Sync models, documents and data with the eShare server
  • Access project documents for offline use
  • Open and navigate 3D models in eBrowser format
  • Touch-based user interface
  • View object attributes
  • Search for objects, also with QR codes
  • Navigate using a map, predefined locations or orbit rotation
  • Add measurements and labels to views
CADMATIC eGo for Marine Industry

eGo facilitates review discussions and the entire production process and also makes on-site trips more effective by bringing real mobility to design projects. Benefit from using eBrowser on the go – browse 3D models on your Windows tablet. eGo allows users to utilize the project data more extensively on-site by providing offline access to the complete 3D model and 2D documentation from the eShare server.

  • Browse 3D model and check details about any object
  • Simple touch gesture navigation
  • Virtual joystick navigation for fast moving inside big models
  • Predefined locations allow user to go directly to point in the 3D model
  • Custom scenes can be saved for fast return to a needed point in the 3D model
  • Search function to find any item, for example, by valve id
  • Model tree to browse the hierarchy of the model and set visibility level
  • Isolate, hide or make transparent any group of objects
  • Clip the model with a 3D box to see a specific part of it
  • Measure distances between objects, snapping to centerlines, connection points or edges
  • Add labels to objects with coordinates or attributes
  • Use camera of the mobile device to scan a QR code that will open the respective object in the 3D view
  • Sync with the eShare server to load and update models and 2D drawings. Use eGo to assign object statuses: during installation or inspection on site
  • Visualization of welds and coordinates
  • Additional settings for backgrounds, fast movements and more

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