Laser Scans in Marine Projects

Make the most of your laser-scanned data and seamlessly use it in your 3D production models with our integrated solution.


Key benefits

  • No restrictions on laser scanning equipment and formats of point cloud
  • Intelligent map of scanners with annotation
  • Create 3D components using specifications and library
  • Model produced is fully integrated with other CADMATIC modules

Integrate laser scan data to 3D model

Benefit from viewing and examining an existing ship or offshore layout when sketching a new layout, use point clouds as references in measuring and fitting while designing new items in detail or remodeling existing items. When remodelling, you can directly use settings, the library, and components of other CADMATIC modules for the correct attributes and materials.


Goltens Green Technologies

CADMATIC used as the global turnkey 3D scanning solutions for BWTS and retrofit projects

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"We are very impressed with the way CADMATIC handles scans and we think that it is an extremely useful tool. Importing scans into CADMATIC is fast, efficient and we do not lose quality."

Ashley D. Vetter, Diagram Lead and Administrator


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Ship design solution implementation – 4 phases to success

The process of new ship design solution implementation at a shipyard is of critical importance to overall success. Seamless implementation aims to ensure all other processes at the shipyard are mapped and considered while keeping to time schedules.

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