Diagram, P&IDs

Create, manage, and modify your P&ID, process flow, schematics, electrical, or cabling diagrams.


Key benefits

  • Suitable for any diagram: flow diagrams, schematics, P&IDs, electrical or cabling diagrams
  • Easy-to-use efficient tools to create and edit and a high degree of integration with AutoCAD
  • Supports concurrent multiuser/multisite environment
  • Allows designers to estimate the required materials and total cost of the project at an early stage
  • Can be used independently or fully integrated with the Basic Design or Detailed Design 3D models.

Schematic diagrams and P&IDs

The user interface allows designers to create schematic diagrams from scratch and focus on engineering tasks while enabling fast modifications. The module includes a large customizable library of symbols according to the most common standards, such as ANSI/ASME, EN, DIN and more.

Diagram features a consistency check to prevent problems at an early stage such as conflicting flow directions, differences in nominal sizes or items without position IDs or pipeline information. An in-built report generator provides customizable material take-offs for early estimations.

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Diagram, P&IDs

Pipe routing assistance in the 3D model helps to ensure the correct equipment connections, the order of reducers and branches, and estimates the preliminary location of equipment and piping in 3D based on compartment information. Topology comparison enables checking the accuracy of the order and connections for piping elements in 3D.

The Ship Diagram and P&IDs module is highly integrated with AutoCAD and has full integration with the outfitting basic design 3D model and information management.


MULTI.engineering’s over 20 years’ design excellence with CADMATIC

CADMATIC is the main CAD software tool at Multi and is used in various types of projects and project stages. For new building projects, CADMATIC is used during the basic and detail engineering.

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"Our users can easily customize the generation of drawings according to different project needs. The admin functions are also robust, which saves a considerable amount of time while creating 3D models."

Mainak Banerjee, Business Development Director


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Data-driven shipbuilding

The shipbuilding industry is currently undergoing a digital revolution that is creating and transforming business models. It is increasingly embracing the immense possibilities offered by advanced digitalization in the shipbuilding life cycle.

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