Production Information Hull

For production engineering a fully equipped set of work preparation tools is embedded in the CADMATIC Hull Structure module to ensure that the production department receives all the required information, such as part geometries, weld and bevel details, part lists, weights and CoG, profile lists, profile nesting, profile sketches etc. In addition it contains various build strategy features offering a wide range of possibilities to generate 2D and 3D work breakdown information and sketches.

Key facts:
  • Production Information is directly derived from the 3D-model and therefore always up to date
  • Enables users to define their own report layouts and logistic data fields required by the shipyard
  • A build-in report generator enables creating of any kind of report by querying the 3D model for different production and logistic data
  • Generates 3D work breakdown sketches and 2D+3D combination sketches and offers automated part numbering
  • Visualize and simulate the build strategy of blocks, assemblies, subassemblies and panels
  • Easy manipulation of the work breakdown structure by dragging and dropping parts in the tree structure
  • Includes welding and bevel management functions, including reports
  • Includes functions to control profile cutting robots of various suppliers

The Production Information tools streamline the information flow between, engineering, planning, work preparation and the workshop. This speeds up the process of work preparation significantly and thereby shortens the throughput of the ships' assembly stages.

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