Marine Diagram, P&IDs

The CADMATIC Diagram module for flow diagrams, P&IDs and cabling diagrams is fully integrated with the 3D model. It provides the user with easy-to-use and efficient tools to create, modify and manage all kinds of diagrams.

Key facts:
  • Flow diagrams, P&IDs, cabling diagrams
  • Easy-to-use efficient tools to create and edit
  • Concurrent multiuser/multisite environment
  • Full integration with 3D model
  • High degree integration with AutoCAD

Intelligent symbols, unlimited size of process lines, control of revisions and advanced database management with user-definable report generator are just some of the features of the Diagram module. Documentation for different piping and instrumentation diagrams, equipment lists, pipeline lists, and valve lists etc. can be automatically produced. Diagram can be used independently or with the 3D Outfitting Design seat and can be interfaced with different calculation software packages.

Diagram, P&IDs – technical description

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