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eShare for HoloLens* offers an entirely new interactive design and engineering experience in Augmented Reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment.

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Key benefits

  • Control change management efficiently and reduce time-consuming meetings by comparing 3D model with existing environment virtually
  • Evaluate the plan in its actual dimensions allowing quick approval from the client and no need for later changes
  • By utilizing AR / VR technology, the safety of the plant can be improved and the number of accidents at work can be reduced
  • AR / VR enables you to familiarize yourself with the production plant and provide operator training before production begins in the actual plant 

Facilitate project reviews in AR

eShare for HoloLens aims to facilitate project and design reviews and assist building status supervision and comparison with design projects. It also helps users to envision future project designs for discussion with owners and operators and provides the possibility to ensure ergonomics as well as the training of maintenance and operational staff during the design project.

CADMATIC augmented reality speeds up project phases as the existing plan can be evaluated virtually in its natural size. When the plan can be visualized reviews are more easily done for the client, and there is less or no need for changes. This speeds up the schedule and reduces costs.

*Microsoft™ and HoloLens™ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

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eShare for HoloLens use cases


Facilitate project reviews in AR

eShare for HoloLens aims to facilitate project and design reviews in AR. It assists construction status supervision and the comparison of design projects with as-built situations. It also helps users to show future project designs during discussions with owners, operators and EPC contractors.


Working with AR on site

For on-site work, users can download models for offline use and bring it to the building site. The users can align the model with the actual installations and see proposed changes or future designs on top of the existing environment. Two or more users can create a session simultaneously in the same model and location for a shared experience and collaboration.


AR reduces training costs and downtime

The use of Cadmatic AR / VR in construction can provide workers with a safer training environment. Owners can familiarize themselves with the production plant before production begins. This means that production staff are more prepared to start operating the plant earlier. Safety is improved and optimal production is achieved faster than with traditional methods. 


EPC company uses VR to reduce error probability by 70% and cut time used for inspections and testing by up to 75%


"We estimate that the use of VR-based technology reduces the possibility of errors by over 70%."

Gianluca Coccato, Engineering Manager

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