CADMATIC eShare for Marine Industry

Link, visualize, and share complete project data from one easy-to-use web-based platform.


Key benefits

  • Link, search for, and visualize any data from any database
  • Monitor project progress and boost efficiency
  • An independent industry-specific solution for marine design needs with professional tech support available when you need it
  • Fast and accurate decision-making thanks to comprehensive data sharing 
  • No reliance on single vendors 
  • Full control over sensitive information – no cloud storage or data relocation

CADMATIC eShare is revolutionizing how shipyards, design companies, shipowners and other project participants think about and use design, production and operational ship information. eShare’s powerful information linking, visualization and sharing leads to faster and more accurate decision-making. 

eShare provides support for the flow of information on any project stage. It facilitates and supports production and installation and improves communication. The independent web-based portal can link, visualize and share any ship-related information via the 3D model. 

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Access all project data in one place

eShare seamlessly links and makes project data available. From engineering and planning to operational and maintenance information, access everything via the 3D model in the eShare web portal.

Enhance your understanding

It’s important to be well-informed. But what you do with that information is key. eShare gives you the ability to visualize any data available including in the 3D model, external databases, or linked management systems.

Bridge the information gap

Our solution ensures that whatever its source, whether design applications or the production and operation of a ship, the data you collect is transparent and accessible, meaning greater project efficiency for you.

The vast amounts of information produced during all phases of a project life cycle can be used as building blocks of the vessel’s digital twin. The information evolves when the project status changes from a concept or basic design to detailed design and production, and asset management.

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Requesting a Cadmatic eShare on-demand demo is your gateway to unlocking a world of efficiency and innovation. Experience firsthand how our powerful software streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and brings your design visions to life.


  • Effective decision making and change management

    • Comment on and review design changes through the 3D model
    • Combine 3D models from various formats (PDS®, PDMS®, S3D®, CADMATIC, DWG®, IFC® and more) and laser scans of the facility
    • Access data, review your project and add pictures and comments on-site with eGo
  • Enrich 3D engineering model 

    • Augment your 3D models with data from analysis and tracking systems
    • Complete control of and access to data from third-party systems
    • Automatic data categorization
    • Direct access to information in the 3D interface
  • Effective support for construction phase

    • Integrate with feasibility data and constructability analysis for:
      • Prefabrication analysis
      • Site warehouse management
      • Construction and prefabrication progress monitoring 
    • Benefit from modern technology and align 3D digital data with the existing environment in AR/VR/MR HoloLens®

Digital twin platform eShare reduces production paper prints

Scheepswerf Slob in the Netherlands implemented the CADMATIC eShare digital twin platform to reduce the number of printed technical production drawings.


"eShare is an excellent platform to easily realize communications and collect feedback among shipyards, design offices and design owners. It provides interfaces to other management systems as well. We look forward to seeing how this tool can add value,"

Li Lu, Vice-President

Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute

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Data-driven shipbuilding

Data quality, consistency, and interconnectivity, as well as the maximized automation of data handling throughout the entire ship design and shipbuilding process are key factors in unlocking greater efficiency, increasing productivity and boosting profitability. In data-driven shipbuilding, digital data streams are consistent, reliable, and reusable across disciplines, project phases and ship series


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CADMATIC eShare for HoloLens

eShare for HoloLens is an app that allows the user to interface Microsoft HoloLens* with CADMATIC eShare. It offers an entirely new interactive design and engineering experience in Augmented Reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment.

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