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Key benefits

  • Three software modules in one cost-efficient package: 2D drafting, 3D Plant Design and P&ID
  • Competitive yearly subscription fee. Network licensing reduces overall cost with added flexibility
  • Powerful design tools that do not lose performance as project and complexity increases
  • Highly scalable multi-user system for globally distributed design. Access the best resources around the globe

How it works

CADMATIC Primary is a game changer for designers that are struggling with traditional solutions that do not provide value for money and lose performance efficiency as project complexity and size increase.

Now, the full range of CADMATIC’s powerful 3D plant design features can be accessed with a competitive yearly subscription fee in CADMATIC Primary with network licensing. The primary package includes 2D drafting, 3D Plant design and P&ID modules.



Work sharing on global and local level

Primary supports multi-user and multi-site work on projects, and all data within a project can be worked on by multiple users. Work in the same 3D model as all the other designers – concurrently, congruently and consistently, regardless of engineering discipline or physical location. Adding new design teams to the project can be done with a few clicks.


Fast implementation and smooth start

Primary is easy to set up and to start working with for new users or on a new project. The software is user friendly and interactive and includes extensive preset libraries of components and specifications. You can count on CADMATIC’s eLearning environment with instructive videos, as well as on dedicated support during implementation and use.


Robust system – lets you focus on design quality

3D Plant design is a robust and efficient software that covers all design needs in a 3D environment. Resource friendly, flexible and modern – the application provides work in 3D without loading delays, and includes global work sharing features for remote teams or individual designers.


Valosys - Engineering and design company gains efficiency with cost-effective CADMATIC Primary.

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"The pricing of CADMATIC Primary makes it very competitive and was a significant driver for us. The only limitation is on the number of model objects, so in the end it is related to the project size. So far it fits our needs perfectly."

Vincent Doucet, ValoSys

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