Interoperability, eXchangers

Smooth cooperation, integration, and interfacing with other technology suppliers and software systems.

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Key benefits

  • Interoperability eases and speeds up design work by drastically reducing the need for manual data input from third-party systems
  • The desired data is automatically included in design outputs such as 3D models and documents
  • Regardless whether you work with 2D, 3D design, or data management, CADMATIC offers you a wide variety of interoperability options
  • It ensures that the third-party data in CADMATIC design products and outputs is always correct and up to date
Interoperability, eXchangers

CADMATIC eXchangers enables interoperability that supports your needs

With CADMATIC eXchangers, you can benefit from leading software on the market. The eXchangers ensures smooth collaboration, integration, and interfacing with other technology suppliers and software systems. CADMATIC’s open database and numerous interoperability functions allow data to be easily transferred between systems.

Supported software systems and file formats

Selected supported software systems


Lisega LICAD® V11

CADMATIC is the first plant design software systems that with full integration with LICAD®. V11. The interface to LICAD® V11 enables the smooth and automatic transfer of pipe support data between CADMATIC and Licad®. 

With CADMATIC integration the piping designer automatically has the latest version of Lisega pipe support system items. Automated generation of related material lists and data flow to other systems reduces manual work and improves quality. Databases are automatically updated. Changes in the piping design are also reflected in Licad database. 

Reduce the time used for support design by 50%! 



Take advantage of two superior software solutions. The plug-in was developed especially for seamless collaboration between EdgeWise and CADMATIC 3D design solutions. All disciplines (piping, structural, background) can be transferred as a native model to CADMATIC. MTOs and isometric drawings are available from piping, and structural objects can be modified or even transferred to structural packages like Tekla, if needed. 

Equipment is intelligent, including connection points to piping. This interface is a game changer for anyone who needs to quickly and reliably convert a physical asset into a 3D model, and later to digital twin. 



This eXchanger links CADMATIC with PUMA5, an integrated engineering IT suite that supports all the activities of the piping discipline: managing the line list, piping specification development, material management up to the generation of material requisitions. 

Automating material data boosts integration of project material data between engineering, procurement, and construction. Remarkable time savings are achieved when repetitive tasks are transferred to dedicated systems. Promotes successful construction; no overruns on schedules and budgets.


Having problems transferring data between different design software programs?

An open system with easy integration can save up to 15% in design hours.

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"Many of our clients want to keep their software solutions open not to get stuck with single-supplier solutions. Our products serve all the areas of a design project, and information is transferred from one phase to another seamlessly without manual processing. We strive to help our clients and solve their problems – not to dictate or limit how they work."

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