Interoperability, eXchangers – File formats

*.3dd, *.3dc, *.3dp Import | Export

CADMATIC formats for 3D reference data, these are intermediate formats for eXchangers and could include object attributes

*.asc, *.pts,*. xyz Point Clouds Import

Point clouds can be imported to CADMATIC from several different file formats. User can select one or multiple files for the import. ASCII text files can be imported from various point cloud data sources. The importer attempts to automatically detect the data format and scale. Before the import starts, the scale and data from an example input line are shown. User can modify the scale, and also rearrange the positions for coordinate and color data as seen in the file. Import requires at least X, Y and Z values to be defined.

A separate text file named ScanPositions.txt should exist where each line gives the name of a scanner file, followed by the position of the scanner as x y z. If this file doesn’t exists, bubble views that show the points from perspective of a specific scanner will not be possible, but other types of shades views can still be used.

*.cii Export

Support for generating files from CADMATIC format pipes to be imported into Caesar II for stress analysis purposes.

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*.dgn Import | Export

2D documents could be exported directly to DGN format. 3D models could be converted using CADMATIC eXchanger for PDMS/PDS.

Interoperability, eXchangers PDMS® and PDS®

*.dwg/*.dxf Import | Export

Export 2D drawings - sketches, isometrics and other documents for construction. 3D export of model with eXchanger for AutoCAD.

The eXchanger can be downloaded for free from our download page. You need to register first, before you are forwarded to the download page.

NOTE! CADMATIC eXchanger for AutoCAD is compatible with AutoCAD 2007 - 2017 software versions.

Interoperability, eXchangers AutoCAD

Register and download eXchanger for AutoCad

*.ebm Import | Export

CADMATIC eBrowser, eGo and eShare models files

*.ifc Import | Export

After integrating data from different software platforms via the IFC standard, the combined intelligent 3D model contains all published information from the respective native software applications. Imported materials are recognized not as 3D shapes as in traditional space holders with referenced objects, but as real objects with all their related information, such as the materials and standards used, mass density attributes etc. The imported materials can be modified and exported for reuse with all the related information intact. As such, work can be started with a preliminary model in one software platform, after which it is enhanced with more detailed design in another. Current format supported: IFC2x3

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*.jt Import | Export

JT is an ISO-standardized 3D data format used in industry for product visualization, collaboration, CAD data exchange, and in some also for long-term data retention. It can contain any combination of approximate (faceted) data, boundary representation surfaces, Product and Manufacturing Information, and Metadata (textual attributes)

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*.mdl Import | Export

CADMATIC Plant native 3D model format. MDL files contain references to CADMATIC library db. Could be used for transferring fully intelligent 3D models. If generated from third party software could be used together with API allowing mapping of referenced to the library parts during import.

*.pcf Export

Partial support for *.pcf format. Export of PCF file for isometrics for use of pipestress calculations or pipe fabrication.

*.pdf Export

Any construction or fabrication drawing can be exported directly to PDF format.

*.pst Export

Export files from CADMATIC in format  *.pst to be imported into PipeStress for stress analysis purposes.

*.rvm Import

There are two possible levels of interoperability:

  • conversion of model for 3D viewer (eBrowser)
  • import 3D reference models via 3DD format

It is possible to convert 3D RVM model to eBrowser format, including 3D objects and attributes, generated at the same time 3DD reference file can be imported to CADMATIC 3D Design applications as a reference model.

Interoperability, eXchangers PDMS® and PDS®

*.txt Export

Various reports can be generated: MTO, BOM, material summary lists, with possibility to edit data tables

*.xls(x) Import | Export

Various reports: MTO, BOM, material summary lists, with possibility to edit data tables. In certain cases .xls(x) files could be imported, these are editing of dimension tables for components or Cable lists, mapping of Diagram - 3D objects data.

*.xml Import | Export

Many import/export or intermediate formats are based on XML structure. CADMATIC script API has the necessary tools to parse valid XML files and to extract XML entities for further processing. CADMATIC uses xml e.g. for export/import of Cable lists or lists of equipment/valves for Diagram integration.

Various MCAD formats Import | Export

Using CADMATIC PolyTrans eXchanger more than 100 various MCAD formats could be imported or exported to CADMATIC.

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