HVAC and Ducting

HVAC duct design software to design ducts of any shape and type for 3D space reservation and for detailed construction data output

Key benefits

  • Route HVAC and ducts of any shape and easily modify designs
  • Specification-controlled use of materials and components
  • Online and case-based clash control with all other project objects
  • Automatically-generated duct spool documents and BOMs
HVAC and Ducting

HVAC duct design software – specification-driven routing

CADMATIC allows HVAC designers to fully concentrate on the 3D HVAC duct design while the specification-based system ensures that correct components and materials are being selected. Using the HVAC Spools module, the ductwork in the 3D model can be split into spools that can be manufactured off site and transported on site. Automatically-annotated duct spool drawings and accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs) can be generated anytime, and if the 3D model is changed, the documentation is automatically flagged as requiring updating. Published HVAC spool documentation is easy to distribute for project reviews and deliver to prefabrication shops and installation teams.



Specification-driven HVAC duct routing

3D designers can route oval, round or rectangular HVAC ducts by using straight ducts made from sheets, prefabricated duct spools, and industrially-manufactured components such as access doors, fittings and transitions.


Automatically-generated documentation

Ducting designers can produce comprehensive documentation for the prefabrication and installation of individual duct spools. In addition to spool drawings, designers can generate material listings for duct spools anytime. 


Seamless document revision control

When there are changes in the duct lines of the 3D model, existing spool documents can be updated and republished, either as the same revision or as a new document revision. In automatic part numbering, it can be specified that new revisions always require generation of new part numbers.

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