Distributed design

Extremely robust yet resource-friendly project distribution system enables users to work simultaneously on the same project irrespective of their location.

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Key benefits

  • Easy to add new teams to the project, no matter where they are located
  • Resource-friendly optimized replication, without the need to send the whole database
  • Possibility to use in offline mode, when an online connection is not available
  • Possibility to enforce IPR – restrict access to only the necessary parts of the project

Database-Centric client server system

Our Distribution design solution is based on a smart database-centric client server system that efficiently stores 3D plant models, documents and component libraries in master and replica databases hosted by a database server system. Distributing plant design work globally or adding new design teams to a project can be accomplished with ease.



Database-centric client server system

The solution is based on a smart database-centric client server  system (COS – common object storage) that efficiently stores 3D  models, documents, and component libraries in master and replica databases hosted by a database server system. 


Integrity and security of data

Ensuring the integrity and security of project data at all times is a primary priority and with the CADMATIC distributed design system. The automatic replication system takes care of data synchronization and access rights to selected parts of the projects.


IPR protection

Design owners can efficiently control access to their designs and thus protect their most important assets. The inbuilt functionality protects project IPR by masking sensitive information or parts of projects. 


Wärtsilä gains flexibility with distributed design.

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"The great thing about CADMATIC’s distributed design system is that it greatly reduces travelling, accommodation, and daily allowance costs."

Oddvar Bakke

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