Distributed Design (Plant)

CADMATIC offers an extremely robust yet resource-friendly project distribution system. It enables users to work simultaneously on the same project. This distribution system suits both large multinational operators and smaller companies and is called the CADMATIC Co-Designer.

Our Distribution design solution is based on a smart database-centric client server system that efficiently stores 3D Plant models, documents and component libraries in master and replica databases hosted by a database server system. Distributing plant design work globally or adding new design teams to a project can accomplished with ease.

Ensuring the integrity and security of project data at all times receives the utmost priority in the CADMATIC Distributed Design system. In globally distributed projects data is updated at set intervals between remote design sites via an online network such as the internet, or by simply exchanging the file in an email attachment. Designers can rest assured that the automatic replication system takes care of data synchronization, thereby ensuring that no design hours are wasted due to incorrect information.

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