Cable Router

Optimize the use of cabling materials by routing electrical cables in the 3D model. Shorten installation times with accurate pre-cutting of cables and delivery to required pulling locations.

Key benefits

  • Automatically-generated, optimized, collision-free routes for electrical cables in cableways, based on the nodal network. Users can define alternative cable routes and modify existing routes as required.
  • Automatically-generated nodal network for cable routing, based on the topology of the 3D model. Users can bridge gaps in the nodal network by adding nodes manually.
  • Accurate, automatically-generated cable pre-cutting and penetration material lists.
  • Customizable rules for segregating cable types based on interference classes.
Cable Router

Optimize the use of cabling materials

By using the network of cableways in the 3D model and predefined settings, the automatic cable router explores the possible routes and picks the optimal one. It takes cable interference classes and spacing requirements into account, calculates cable cut lengths, and checks fill rates in cable trays and penetrations.

The user can adjust project-specific settings to customize how auto-routing works and modify the resulting routes manually, if required. After routing the cables in 3D, the user can validate the result, trace changes, and generate the required lists and drawings with section views for installation.



Cable routing

The cable router supports both automatic and manual cable routing. When using automatic routing, the tool analyzes the network of cable nodes to find the most optimal route for the cables, taking into account segregation rules and fill rate settings.


Cable nodes

The cable management tool automatically generates nodes for the cableways and cable penetrations in the 3D model. The tool adds a cable node to every cable tray end point, curve and crossing, and possibly several intermediate nodes to long, straight cable trays.



The user can generate drawings and listings for the defined cables. These can be used as a step-by-step reference in the construction and installation phases. Generated cable listings contains all the necessary information about each cable.

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