3D Model, Layout

CADMATIC 3D Plant Design is an integrated, database-driven design module. It provides powerful tools for 3D layout-, piping-, HVAC-, cable tray- and structural design of plants. It also produces information for construction, installation and ordering materials.

Key facts:
  • 3D layout, piping, HVAC, cable tray, electrical and structural design
  • Easy to create and modify 3D model
  • Online and case-based clash detection
  • Extensive libraries of standards and components
  • Concurrent and unlimited multiuser environment
  • Replication of projects for effective use of resources in globally distributed environments

CADMATIC Plant Design lets users concentrate on important tasks: creating equipment layouts, routing pipes and ducts, locating structural units, allocating service spaces and completing projects with laying electric cables.

At the same time the software takes care of the rest: controlling collisions and indicating connections according to diagrams, storing units for further use and checking the compatibility of components. At any point during the project documents can be extracted, various drawings and sketches generated and lists of materials, project follow-up data and eBrowser models for project reviews exported.

3D Model, Layout – technical description

  • 3D model

    3D model

  • Xray pipe routing

    Xray pipe routing

  • 3D Power plant

    3D Power plant

  • 3D spaces

    3D spaces

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