Scalable 3D Plant Design software for engineering projects

Speed up, improve, and simplify your design work with Cadmatic’s intelligent design software.

Key benefits

  • Easily manage work sharing between design teams around the globe. 
  • Optimize performance with 3D models of any size or complexity.
  • Use laser-scanned point clouds in the 3D design area.
  • Easily modify and reuse your assets in multiple projects.
  • Save time and minimize errors with automated data handling.
  • Publish designs for review in CADMATIC eShare platform for digital twins.

Scalable 3D plant design software for industrial plant design

At Cadmatic, we understand the specific engineering needs of the plant industry. Our 3D plant design tools are created to meet the needs of your teams in projects of any size or complexity.

With CADMATIC 3D Plant you can generate automatically annotated project documentation and lightweight 3D models, giving you up-to-date project information whenever you need it. Native Cadmatic 3D objects can easily be exported to other file formats – and vice versa. And, thanks to specification and component libraries, we empower your designers to focus on the actual construction without having to worry about selecting the right material.

Why Cadmatic


3D model and layout

Let Cadmatic 3D plant design software give you time to concentrate on your most important tasks. You can focus on creating equipment layouts, routing pipes and ducts, and finalizing projects while our intelligent software identifies collisions, stores assets for future use, and checks component compatibility. 

We’ve designed our solutions to be customizable and simple to use with optional add-ons that expand your design possibilities.


Structural modeling

With predefined structural units, our software lets you easily create constructions that are used repeatedly. Just set your own standards for units like platforms, walkways, and cages, and place them in the model. 

And because information is power, you can automatically extract relevant construction data including MTOs, construction drawings, and more.


Piping design

When designing piping layouts, you need a high degree of accuracy to maintain integrity and safety. Cadmatic 3D plant design software indicates the most suitable connection points in your piping network, ensuring your designs remain error-free. 

What’s more, we make sure that the correct components from the standards library are used to give you peace of mind no matter the size of your project.

Add-ons and interfaces

World map

Co-Designer for distributed CAD design

Extremely robust yet resource-friendly project distribution system. It enables users to work simultaneously on the same project irrespective of their location.

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Oil refinery

eXchangers for improved interoperability

Smooth cooperation, integration, and interfacing with other technology suppliers and software systems.

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3D model

Laser Scan Modeller

CADMATIC Laser Scan Modeller is an integrated solution for seamless use of data from laser scanners in 3D models and construction data.

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3D model

Cable Router

Fully automated routing functionality that selects the optimized routes for cables, calculates their cut lengths and checks cable way fill rates and possible collisions.

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HVAC and Ducting

Ducts of any shape and type for 3D space reservation and for detailed construction data output.

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Finnish Consulting Group

Engineering and consulting company uses Cadmatic for demanding and large underground wastewater projects

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"Cadmatic has sufficient capacity to deal with large projects. The Blominmäki treatment plant is a 10-hectare area filled with pipes and devices, which demands a lot from the software. Cadmatic does not run out of steam. Their piping design features are truly world class."

Petri Poikonen, Planning Manager

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eXchangers for improved interoperability

CADMATIC eXchanger enables interoperability that supports your needs.

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Co-Designer for distributed CAD design

Project distribution system enables users to work simultaneously on the same project irrespective of their location.

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eShare - one window to all facility related data

Integrate, visualize and share engineering, design, construction and operation information in one platform. 

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