CADMATIC Plant Design

CADMATIC Plant Design

CADMATIC's efficient and user-friendly 3D plant design tools will help your design team to create complete and accurate 3D plant models and provide coherent information for construction.

The CADMATIC 3D plant design solution is dedicated to 3D modelling of complete industrial projects, the creation of P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams) and the generation of isometric drawings, as well as design review and data sharing in different formats.

CADMATIC Plant Design includes 3D layout, piping design, structural design, HVAC and ducting, electrical design and the possibility to use point clouds directly from laser scanners along with the automated extraction of drawings, construction data, work break down, as well as customizable MTOs and BOMs in various formats.

The intelligent integration between P&IDs and the 3D plant model makes design efficient and error free and provides topology and connectivity checks.

The distributed plant design solution enables the participation of the best specialists around the globe in your projects and seamless project sharing across entire engineering networks.

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