Walley Design Italy

Walley Design Italy increasing its use of CADMATIC.

Italian Walley Design purchased its first CADMATIC licenses already in 2003 and in 2014 more licenses were added to cope with their workload. The company uses CADMATIC primarily to model pipelines and to interact with other design software and modern technologies, including laser scanners.

Walley Design was established in 1974 and provides detailed engineering (structural, mechanical and civil) in the following fields: energy, mechanical, chemical, oil & gas, off-shore and pharmaceutical. The company’s services include analysis and development of feasibility studies, basic studies and shop drawings.

Walley Design’s fields of competence range from large residential complexes to industrial projects, such as combined cycle and hydroelectric power plants, electrical and mechanical applications as well as chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

According the Walley Design owner, Mr Roberto Rambaldini, they keep up to date with the latest news in all their fields of competence, including the latest releases of software, in order to take advantage of all possibilities and to be able to support their customers in the most qualified way.

Mr Rambaldini feels that a big plus point for CADMATIC is its very high quality/price ratio. The CADMATIC support team also receives a lot of praise from Walley Design, in particular with regards the way they supported the software implementation. They are also satisfied with how well suited CADMATIC is for their pipeline modelling and design.

“Based on our experience CADMATIC seems to be well suited for our design projects and our way of working and requirements. For example, it is pretty easy to start a new pipeline model or update an existing layout and work on it”, says Mr Rambaldini.

Laser Scanning Integration

Another feature which is used extensively by Walley Design is the integration with other design software and laser scanned materials.

“We appreciate CADMATIC's capability to efficiently interact with other design software. Currently our CADMATIC licenses are being used primarily for a new project in Naples: it consists of a new pipeline to be modelled after detailed scanning activities of existing encumbrances in the installation area. In this project it has been very important that the modelling software can perfectly interact with the results obtained from laser scanning activities (its dedicated software), so that we can have the new pipeline included in the existing survey and allow the correct placement of new supports without any clashes with existing objects”, Mr Rambaldini explains.

CADMATIC Laser Scan Modeller