Trillini Engineering

Developing integrated design projects with CADMATIC

Engineering company successfully completes basic and detail design of entire biodiesel refinery with new 3D design software & learning on the job. 

Customer challenge

    • Design entire biodiesel refinery with new 3D design software. Learn to use software on the job.
    • Need to develop integrated project from P&ID to modeling and electrical engineering.
    • Need to create BIM models of biodiesel refinery project.

    CADMATIC solution

    • CADMATIC is easy to learn and implement. Successful completion of basic and detailed engineering of entire biodiesel refinery.
    • Fully integrated P&ID and 3D modelling with support for remote working.
    • BIM model is built in CADMATIC eShare where all project documentation is collected.

    “The start-up was very fast, even though we did everything from scratch and with training on the job.” - Riccardo Martini, Trillini Project Manager

    In November 2020, Italian integrated engineering services provider Trillini Engineering implemented and used CADMATIC for the first time in a design project: the design of a biodiesel refinery. Due to the tight schedule, CADMATIC software training was conducted as the design project was progressing. The significant project scope that included the basic and detail engineering of the entire plant, as well as procurement assistance services, is testament to Trillini’s expertise and the ease with which designers can learn and start using CADMATIC.

    Trillini Engineering is based in Morro d´Alba about 25 kilometers west of Ancona. It boasts more than 20 years’ operational experience and employs over 35 engineering specialists. The company focuses on integrated engineering services for the oil & gas (offshore and onshore), energy and civil sectors.

    Fast start-up with training on the job

    Trillini Project Manager Riccardo Martini is impressed with how quickly they were able to learn and start working with CADMATIC.

    “The start-up was very fast, even though we did everything from scratch and with training on the job. We managed to set up the environment in terms of piping classes, systems, symbols, and database settings quickly. It helped that we cooperated with another company on the project that was proficient in CADMATIC. One of the early challenges was to set up the environment and develop a graphical interface to immediately allow the client to visualize the choices and project we were developing,” says Riccardo.

    According to Riccardo, Trillini implemented CADMATIC as they need software that can develop an integrated project from P&ID to modeling and electrical engineering. CADMATIC was used on the project for P&ID design, equipment layout, pipe routing, support design, electrical design, cable ways and cable routing, instrumentation, HVAC design, and for interfacing with the building structural design team.

    Riccardo adds that most procurement activities such as the invitation to tender or requests for quotations were based on information extracted from the CADMATIC database.

    “I think the greatest benefits of CADMATIC are that it doesn’t require special hardware resources, has a good link between P&ID and 3D Modeler, and supports remote working and collaboration with our consultants,” says Riccardo.

    He also highlights the importance of CADMATIC’s import/export functions.

    “It’s easy to import selected data into the CADMATIC database and we also import/export 3D models that were created in other software packages such as Revit® and Tekla®. This eases our work greatly and saves time.”

    Information management an important part of successful projects

    Both CADMATIC eBrowser and eShare information management tools are used extensively by Trillini.

    eBrowser is used to navigate through the 3D model, to take measurements, and for project review internally and with consultants. In later project stages, eBrowser is employed for clash verification.

    Riccardo explains that CADMATIC eShare has been a key tool on the biodiesel refinery project to create BIM models.

    “We build our building information model (BIM) in eShare where we collect most the project documentation such as technical drawing sheets, equipment lists, cable lists, Instrument lists, P&IDs, process flow diagrams, plot plans, GAs and layouts. We link them to the CADMATIC 3D model we developed and to other models that were developed with other software programs. We also manage the information workflow needed for modelling progress with the use of markup tools.”

    More about CADMATIC solutions

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