Technex LLC

Benefitting optimally from CADMATIC Software

Technex was founded in 1991, with a specialty in developing and manufacturing equipment for both the feed and process industry. We briefly interviewed Mr. Alexey Fomintsov, head of design Department at Technex.

Successful implementation

It was decided to implement CADMATIC software within the organization for several reasons. 

“One of the first reasons for choosing CADMATIC is the high amount of possibilities in the design of technological lines. The second reason is that it is very easy to obtain comprehensive information about objects in various forms at any stage of design. For us, it is also quite important to let different specialists work on the same project simultaneously. The mandatory training our specialists had to undergo was necessary to understand the basics of CADMATIC. After that, we were able to successfully work in CADMATIC, creating our own libraries and working on real life projects,” Alexey explains.

Many benefits

By implementing CADMATIC software, one of the key benefits was the reduction in the time needed to check documentation of various sections of the project. “We save even more time by just properly configurating the element libraries and making sure that the entry of all initial data is correct. We achieve a fairly high degree of automation when building production lines and designing networks, like product pipelines, power supplies, compressed air etc.,” Alexey says.

Technex’s current projects include the development of various sections where the main goal is to check and timely eliminate collisions of building structures, networks and technological equipment. During these projects, these benefits are very noticeable.

“We use the Plant Modeller for general design of spaces, Diagram for creating technological schemes and Piping Isometrics & Spools for piping diagrams. As mentioned earlier, the correct configuration of libraries and the used modules are key to benefit from CADMATIC optimally.”

Easy communication

It is easy to guarantee data exchange with other partner companies and the customer with the use of CADMATIC software. Communication about design projects with other companies is done through exchange of IFC files. By viewing and verifying the production line models in 3D, you get a better picture of the designed structure, which therefore makes the work easier. 

“CADMATIC also listens to our needs. For example: we had some problems with creating gravity product pipelines using rotary knees. We mentioned this to CADMATIC, and we are expecting a test version of this system extension soon,” Alexey says.

Increasing use of CADMATIC

In the near future, Technex will look into using CADMATIC Ducting Spools to automatically obtain transition element drawings. CADMATIC eShare is also being considered as an addition to the current set of licenses used for easy project management and rapid exchange of information between various departments of the company at all stages of projects. Alexey concludes that he would recommend CADMATIC: 

“CADMATIC definitely deserves attention from companies and organizations that design objects of varying degrees of complexity. But I also think that the full use of CADMATIC requires quite some setup, taking into account the specifics of the company”.