Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco has implemented CADMATIC digital twin platform eShare to link its critical corporate systems and visualize the data in a single window.

Saudi Aramco has implemented CADMATIC eShare as its information management solution. The company purchased eBrowser licenses for 3D plant viewing and uses eBrowser along with Internet Explorer to review its PDS® models. A wide range of integrations have been created to Saudi Aramco’s corporate systems, which allows the company to manage all these systems via a single user interface.

Saudi Aramco is a global energy leader with operations that span the globe and the energy industry. Today, Saudi Aramco oversees the largest conventional reserves of crude oil, is the world’s largest producer and exporter of crude oil and leads the world in exporting natural gas liquids. It also owns and operates an extensive network of refining and distribution facilities, and is responsible for the gas processing and transportation installations that fuel Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector.

Saudi Aramco utilises a CADMATIC tool to convert its PDS® models into CADMATIC eBrowser models. The eBrowser models are better suited to integration with corporate systems from an IT point of view, due to the fact that the system is web-based and that all information is contained in a small and manageable file.

Saudi Aramco’s critical corporate systems that are integrated with eShare include RBI risk analysis, OsiSoft Pi for process data visualisation, inspection systems, as well as iPlant, Saudi Aramco’s in-house developed document management solution. Saudi Aramco employees can now, for instance, virtually walk around the plant in the 3D model and retrieve any documentation related to equipment and systems by simply clicking on the objects in the model.