Swedish customers are happy with CADMATIC.

In Sweden, CADMATIC has been well received. One example is Pöyry’s office in Piteå, Northern Sweden. They focus on providing services to the Pulp and Paper industry and its suppliers as well as other heavy industries.

The company specialises in mechanical, electrical, instrument and system design. Since 2002 the company has been using CADMATIC on a wide range of demanding engineering projects.

Mårten Isaksson, has been at the company for almost twenty years where his duties vary from being project manager, erection manager to design leader. He is one of the most experienced users of CADMATIC in Pöyry Sweden.

CADMATIC’s Logical User Interface Is Easy to Use

“I first came into contact with CADMATIC in the late 1990s and was quite convinced of its benefits. For us, as a small office, it seemed to be the most cost effective system for our projects and clients. A big advantage was that we didn’t need to renew computers or servers and the implementation went smoothly and without any problems. It is easy for the user to understand and the logical user interface in CADMATIC made the step into 3D plant design very easy for us. We started with a real project with support from our Helsinki office. A CADMATIC trainer helped us for some weeks to set up the data and gave us some basic training. This is now something we can do ourselves as well as giving basic training to our colleagues”.

“eBrowser is The Best Tool to Give Instructions for Erection People”

Peter Askenryd is the system administrator and the most experienced user of CADMATIC in Pöyry Sweden. According to Askenryd they are continuously finding more use of CADMATIC and its features. The eBrowser is widely in use at the company and is especially appreciated as an on-site tool that benefits erection work.

“For us the eBrowser is the best tool to give instructions, for example to send pictures with notes from us to the erection people.”

TMP Project Done in Five Locations

According to Isaksson the office has recently completed a significant project for Ortviken TMP. It’s a complete new TMP line built in an old facility. An old wood room was cleaned out prepared and reinforced to take the loads and volumes for the new process line. The eBrowser was of great help in the layout planning; especially in areas where there were space limitations.

“Due to the size of the project we utilized resources from all over Sweden. The setup for the project was configured from one master database in Piteå with four replicas in remote locations. At peak times sixteen designers were involved in simultaneous design work. Some complex steel structures were designed with other software. We exported the building, the pipes, equipment, and cable trays to Inventor and they added their parts. Thereafter it was exported to CADMATIC again. This enabled us to tailor make the complex steel constructions according to the equipment, piping and other objects in the model. Because we worked from five offices, we were at an early stage able to put links with data sheets of equipment, valves and isometrics. This enabled all designers to work as independently as possible. Overall much of the success of the project was due to the choice of tools, our IT infrastructure, good dialogue with the client and our skilful personnel”, explains Isaksson.

In summing up the nearest future Peter Askenryd had the following to say:

“We are very pleased with the software development in CADMATIC. New features and functionality are developed continuously. Also the new eBrowser looks very promising and gives us options in communication of design data that corresponds to our high demands for efficiency and quality.”