PDE Project – expert electro-instrumentation engineering powered by CADMATIC

PDE Project S.r.l. (PDE) is a design and engineering company from Lombardia, Italy with a core competence in electro-instrumental engineering. It is active in the chemical and petrochemical, water treatment, HVAC, energy cogeneration and district heating, and oil & gas sectors. The company implemented CADMATIC software to comply with market demands and meet future engineering needs.

PDE CEO Alessandro Duoccio speaks highly of the value CADMATIC has added to the design and engineering company’s operations. At the time it was implemented in 2017, it assisted PDE to meet electro-instrumental engineering market demands such as checks during the design phase and detail documentation for field construction.

“CADMATIC gave us the tools we needed to satisfy our customers’ requests. We also felt that CADMATIC software would be a good investment for anticipated future demands and requirements. It is a great software with many tools that allows us to verify cable tray fill rates and export cable lists with length and cable tray routing. We can also set up layouts with labels and cable tray support dedicated documents,” says Alessandro

Alessandro adds that some of the greatest benefits of CADMATIC are the speed of modelling, the possibility to extract different kinds of drawings and documents and the ability to customize the software according to PDE’s needs.

In some cases, PDE extracts layouts from CADMATIC to AutoCAD® to make minor modifications to drawings.

“We use AutoCAD® only to convert models and adjust layout extraction from CADMATIC. Each customer has different templates, styles, and forms. Once we have done the design work in CADMATIC we can export it to AutoCAD® to make these final minor adaptations where necessary,” Alessandro explains.

For PDE, in addition to the right design and engineering tools, key success factors in electro-instrumentation engineering are know-how and continuous training that allows them to stay at the cutting edge.

Benefits or remote work sharing

PDE is currently working on the same design project simultaneously with several mechanical and electrical and instrumentation companies with the help of CADMATIC’s distributed design system. In this project, PDE uses the CADMATIC replica model in online mode, where data is updated at set intervals in the online network between the different design sites.

“Using the CADMATIC replica in online mode allows us to reduce design times while maintaining a high level of quality”. 

Read more about the CADMATIC distributed design system here or watch our webinar on remote work sharing on global and local levels.