Global boiler supplier Macchi gains speed with CADMATIC

Starts investigating use of Mixed Reality solutions

Oil & Gas sector EPC increases speed and accuracy of 3D modelling. Use of MR being tested for enhanced construction control.  

Customer challenge

    • Need to improve accuracy of detail engineering while adhering to complex piping rules.
    • Working with many different engineering software packages. Challenge to integrate work efficiently. 
    • Need to enhance control and verify construction at workshop during construction phase.

    CADMATIC solution

    • CADMATIC 3D model is easy to handle and improves speed and accuracy of modelling. 
    • Plus for customer are smooth interfaces with software like Tekla®, Inventor®, Solidworks®, and PDMS®
    • Use of MR tested with CADMATIC eShare for HoloLens and CADMATIC eGo to optimize construction phase. Simplify access to documents, asset information, and change management. 

    "I am particularly happy with how easy it is to manage the 3D model and the speed and accuracy of modelling, as well as the ease with which you can move around in the 3D model." – Marsilio Resente, Head of the Mechanical and Structural Engineering department.

    Macchi is a leading global supplier of industrial boilers for the oil & industry and heat recovery steam generators for cogeneration plants. The company, which is part of SOFINTER Spa, implemented CADMATIC in 2018 and uses the software for plant layout, piping design and the generation of prefabrication materials of industrial boilers. The company is also investigating the use of Mixed Reality (MR) as an approach to enhance control during the construction phase.

    Macchi Technical Director Marzio Ferrara says they implemented CADMATIC to improve the level of accuracy of detail engineering, respecting stringent and complex piping design rules, maintenance spaces and , last but not least, ergonomics and safety for plant operators. According to him, all these aspects are crucial for industrial plants.

    5 plants already designed with CADMATIC

    Since the CADMATIC implementation and associated training in 2018, they have completed the piping design and prefabrication of 5 plants with CADMATIC. They have also developed an internal object library to complement the CADMATIC library and to speed up design work, increase accuracy, and for more comprehensive integration.

    “We have used CADMATIC extensively with satisfactory results. I am particularly happy with how easy it is to manage the 3D model and the speed and accuracy of modelling, as well as the ease with which you can move around in the 3D model. The extraction of material lists and isometrics is also fast and efficient,” says Marsilio Resente, Head of the Mechanical and Structural Engineering Department.

    MR (Mixed Reality) for enhanced construction control

    According to Luca Galmarini, 3D Piping Team Leader at Macchi, they have been investigating the use of CADMATIC’s Mixed Reality capabilities to boost control during construction at their workshop in Marghera close to Venice.

    “We are looking at the possibility of using the 3D model to verify construction during and after the mounting phase at our workshop. We would like to be among the first to develop and bring these new technologies to plant engineering and the world,” says Luca.

    In the first testing phase, eShare for HoloLens will be used on a tablet and, after that, tests will also be conducted with CADMATIC eGo. The idea is to optimize the construction phase by simplifying access to documents, easing access to asset information, and by allowing direct reporting and commenting regarding any changes that may be required in engineering and the 3D model.

    Gianluca Ricozzi, CADMATIC regional manager in Italy is excited about the use of MR solutions at Macchi.

    “This is a very interesting case for the use of our information management tools to optimize construction. There is increased interest in using AR/VR/MR and AI tools in general in the oil and gas and other sectors to gain efficiencies. We are working closely with Macchi to ensure they get the best out of these new technologies,” says Gianluca.

    Smooth integration with other engineering software

    Marzio Ferrara says that the smooth integrations with other software packages is a significant plus of CADMATIC software.

    “Macchi and our partners use several other engineering programs. The CADMATIC interfaces to programs such as Tekla®, Inventor®, Solidworks®, and PDMS® are very effective.”

    Macchi is currently using CADMATIC on four projects including a plug and play TITAN M™ boiler and an MRD™ Macchi Radiant high-pressure boiler. In these projects, CADMATIC is used to define plant layout and to design foundations, walkways, and maintenance accessibility. Defining the routing of pipelines and their supports is one of the main CADMATIC features used. It is also utilized to establish routes for cable trays and to position instruments.

    More CADMATIC projects are being planned at Macchi, with at least three projects scheduled for next year.

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