Hangzhou Project

Hangzhou Project & Research Institute of Light Industry increasing use of CADMATIC in China

After implementing CADMATIC software in 2007, Hangzhou Project & Research Institute of Light Industry has successfully used CADMATIC software to complete several medium-sized chemical projects. They have also been able to improve communication between plant investors and designers with the aid of the eBrowser tool

In early 2011, Hangzhou Project & Research Institute of Light Industry decided to purchase more CADMATIC licenses to meet their growing amount of design projects. The new licenses have , among others, been used for the successful design of two large chemical projects, one for a 50kta nylon 11(l) alloy resin plant and another for a 20kta polyacrylamide plant.

CADMATIC News spoke to Mr Li Feng, process/piping engineer and CADMATIC user from the Hangzhou Research Institute of Light Industry about their use of CADMATIC 3D design software.

“With the help of the powerful eBrowser tool the communication between plant designers and plant investors has been improved greatly. When using eBrowser the plant investor can easily and quickly gain a good understanding of the latest project status. The intentions of plant designers also become rapidly clear to constructors as soon as they have a glimpse of the eBrowser model without reading through hundreds of 2D drawings”
explains Mr Li

More Effective in Design and Fewer Errors

“Even when more licenses are added, all the users can work simultaneously in one project. CADMATIC is a powerful design management tool and enables multiple designers to work on one project simultaneously, without any clashes or overlapping. This leads directly to error-free design and increases design efficiency”
Mr Li concludes.