GreenE Waste To Energy S.L.

GreenE implements CADMATIC for complex waste to energy plant design

Waste to energy EPC implements CADMATIC as complete software solution

Customer challenge

  • Need for comprehensive software package to manage design of highly complex gasification plants.


  • CADMATIC connects 2D materials with 3D models and the database, thereby reducing errors.

"The use of CADMATIC has improved the collaboration between the different members of our team and has also reduced the number of errors that are made." – Vicente Centelles Chuliá, Product Devel-opment Manager,

GreenE Waste To Energy S.L. (GreenE), from Alicante Spain, is one of the latest companies to implement CADMATIC software. GreenE’s mission is to design, build, set up, commission and promote turnkey waste-to-energy power plants. The plants recover energy from waste, among others, from municipal solid waste (MSW), biomass, and end-of-life tires (ELTs), also known as waste or scrap tires. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are values that GreenE share with CADMATIC. We are proud that GreenE has chosen CADMATIC for the design of these highly complex and environmentally friendly plants.

What sets GreenE apart from its competitors is the innovative technological process it has developed for the implementation of energy recovery plants. The company’s gasifiers produce high quality syngas suitable for combustion in alternative CHP engines. The syngas is also transformed into thermal heat and electrical power.

Highly complex plants require a complete software solution

The gasification plants designed and built by GreenE are highly complex. They make use of between 1,000 and 5,000 kg/h of raw materials and produce up to 6 MW electrical power. The plants commonly have up to 700 sensors and different pieces of equipment. 

According to GreenE Product Development Manager, Vicente Centelles Chuliá, the complexity of the gasification plants requires the use of a comprehensive software package. He has been at GreenE for three years and is responsible for the design of plants and the innovation and design of new processes and reactors. 

“In the past we used Draftsight® and Solidworks® together with a custom database to create both the P&IDs and layouts. The problem with this solution was that the P&IDs and the layout were not connected. We decided to implement CADMATIC when we realized that we needed a more complete solution to handle the complexity of our plants. With CADMATIC we have a solution that connects the 2D, 3D and the database. This has been a key factor in helping us to reduce errors,” says Mr. Centelles Chuliá.

Pilot plant project designed with CADMATIC

The GreenE design team is currently using CADMATIC Diagram and Plant Modeler for the design of a 50–100 kg/h pilot plant both for biomass and sludge gasification, which will also be used in tests for solid urban waste gasification. The pilot plant project will be completed in June of 2018.

3D layout images of the 50–100 kg/h biomass and sludge gasification pilot plant.

Reduction in errors

GreenE has been using CADMATIC for some months now, but some of the software benefits are already clear in Mr Centelles Chuliá’s mind. 

“The use of CADMATIC has improved the collaboration between the different members of our team and has also reduced the number of errors that are made. Fewer errors not only mean better quality, but also save time, which will assist us to complete projects on tighter schedules.”
Product Development Manager, Vicente Centelles Chuliá (left) indicates that CADMATIC has improved the collaboration between the different GreenE team members and has also reduced the number of design errors made.

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