Finnprotein Oy

Soya processing plant in Uusikaupunki designed with CADMATIC.

Europe’s largest full range soya processing plant was recently completed in Uusikaupunki, Finland. The soya processing company Finnprotein Oy, showed faith in Turku-based Elomatic Ltd’s agrochemical engineering know-how by entrusting it with the design of the 100 million euro project with CADMATIC plant design software.

According to Elomatic Vice President, Hannu Heikkilä, the company was involved in an EPCM-type capacity. Elomatic was responsible for plant design that covered a wide range of disciplines as well as procurement and supervision services in the construction phase.

“The plant is the biggest of its kind in Europe, in fact there are only a few processing plants of equal size in the world. Running at full capacity the soya processing plant processes about 400?000 tonnes of soybean a year”, says Mr Heikkilä.

Domestic Agrochemical Expertise

The construction work in the Orivo industrial area was recently completed. The project is a rarity even for an experienced engineering company.

Modern soya plants process soybeans to produce products for the animal feed industry, foodstuffs industry and for biofuels. The Finnprotein plant processes soybean one hundred percent without producing waste. The versatile soybean is fully utilized up to and including the bean hulls. In addition to animal feed and soybean oil it can be further processed into soya concentrate i.e. protein concentrate, lecithin, molasses and granules.

CADMATIC Plant Design System Provides Design Efficiency

CADMATIC design tools were used on the project for fully comprehensive design of equipment layout, piping systems, steel construction and other structures. New CADMATIC V6.2 features were used successfully throughout the design project.

“The eBrowser model review tool was an important communication tool for the project team including all design disciplines, contractors and the owner and operator. The markup feature was extremely useful as well as the new visualization functionalities. With the new eBrowser we were able to generate MTO’s directly from the eBrowser model. Another valuable feature was the possibility to compare different design stages and alternatives”, Mr Heikkilä points out.