Drever-CADMATIC Partnership Going Strong After 25 Years.

Twenty five years ago Drever took the decision to purchase CADMATIC and to date has modelled over 100 plants with the software. Emmanuel Simon was employed at Drever when CADMATIC was introduced in 1991 and in this article he shares some memories of the first project.

Drever International is a market leader for continuous annealing furnaces and galvanizing plants for steel and stainless steel strip. Its annealing and picking lines, bright annealing lines, continuous annealing lines, continuous galvanizing lines and plate heat treating lines are used all over the world.

According to Mr Tran, General Manager at Drever, CADMATIC's co-engineering and distributed design facilities are highly appreciated at Drever as it allows the company to subcontract design work to affiliate companies all over the world during heavy workloads.

He also indicates that the CADMATIC eBrowser really changed the lives of most of Drever’s employees involved in design.

“Before eBrowser things were very different. Now there is no longer the need to check tons of drawings to find out plant-related information. All Drever eBrowser models are available and automatically updated on the intranet.”
J-500: Hysco - CGL: A recently completed project by Drever designed with CADMATIC.

Early Pioneer in 3-D Design

CADMATIC was introduced for plant design at Drever in late 1991. Mr Emmanuel Simon had only joined the company a few months prior to the software acquisition.

“In summer 1992 we were lucky enough to win contract for a double annealing and pickling line located in Taiwan. It was soon decided that this new project would be the first real life test bed for CADMATIC software and that I would be involved as project leader for the piping and ducting design”,
says Emmanuel.
“At that time drawing boards were still more popular than CAD workstations even though the benefit of using plant modeller was quite obvious. Some of the old guard were still a bit sceptical, which led to a compromise; it was decided that all drawings would be in the form of 2D plans and section views without any isometrics.”
“Luckily we were insured and after resupplying all the damaged material both lines were successfully commissioned.”

First Full Isometric Drawings

Only a few years after the groundbreaking Taiwanese project, Drever was ready for fuller implementation of CADMATIC on a continuous galvanizing line for a major Korean steel maker.

“The leading project engineer was smart enough to promise the client full isometric drawings during the negotiations. This opened the door to our first project with extensive use of automatic isometric generation”,
Emmanuel recalls.
“The Korean project wiped out all remaining scepticism among office managers and designers and since then CADMATIC has been continuously used as a design tool on most of Drever's plant design projects”,

Emmanuel concludes.

Today, CADMATIC is fully used at Drever across different departments and in all locations, China included. Over 100 hundred plants have been modelled with CADMATIC and several are in the pipeline. Drever also recently started using Laser Scan Modeller and has been impressed with its capabilities.