Blue Projects

Seamlessly integrating engineering disciplines.

Blue Projects has been an active CADMATIC user since 2014, when the company decided to implement a modern, efficient and user-friendly plant design tool in order to create complete and accurate 3D plant models and provide coherent information for construction. The Romania-based enterprise is a unique engineering, project management and construction consulting firm founded in 2007.

Blue Projects’ core services include responsive, cost-effective and quality construction management and project management services for complex brownfield and greenfield projects. It has carried out large scale projects for a number of the world’s leading blue chip companies across all industry sectors. This includes key players in the food, beverage, brewing, consumer goods, as well as petrochemical and real estate sectors.

With several of their valued clients, Blue Projects has developed detailed engineering work flows and systems that effortlessly integrate with their clients’ internal project management and capex gate systems, thus avoiding any potential duplicated work.

“Our design team uses an integrated management and engineering approach to ensure that projects contribute to our clients’ overall performance. The approach focuses on 3D engineering and is supported by CADMATIC’s powerful database-structured design. We create a complete design of the technological line before launching the system into manufacturing, thereby eliminating layout related issues, piping clashes and civil interface risks,” says Mr. Ioan Iuga, Lead Design Engineer at Blue Projects.

Blue Projects has re-platformed its entire software system in order to ensure that entire projects can be designed and integrated into one complete 3D model, demonstrating detailed interfaces and potential conflicts early on in the design phase. This then clearly transforms into a detailed 3D execution plan by discipline, ensuring the highest possible level of control and safety during execution.

A key aspect in Blue Projects’ project success is the seamless integration of each engineering discipline. This avoids potential clashes during the design phases and results in a smooth and detailed execution strategy during delivery, thus avoiding equipment and construction team clashes, as well as elevated health and safety risks during construction.

Mr. luga indicates that CADMATIC software has aided Blue Projects to improve 3D layouts, piping design, structural design, HVAC and ducting, and electrical cable tray design.

“Other useful features include the possibility to use point clouds directly from laser scanners along with the automated extraction of drawings, construction data, work break down, as well as customizable MTOs and BOMs in various formats.”

Focusing on Important Tasks

Ioan Iuga, Lead Design Engineer at Blue Projects, indicates that they have replatformed their entire software system to seamlessly integrate all engineering disciplines.
“CADMATIC has helped us to focus on important tasks, creating equipment layouts, routing pipes and ducts, locating structural units, allocating service spaces and completing projects with laying electric cables. These powerful tools have assisted us in delivering quality that has resulted in recommendations and new clients in the company’s portfolio in a short period of time,” Mr. Iuga continues.

Strong Demand for EPCM and 3D Design Services

Kellogg’s Europe is one of many companies that have placed their trust in Blue Projects to deliver EPCM and 3D design services. Recently they implemented a 3D design and EPCM project for a Kellogg’s crisps factory in Poland. On the project the Blue Projects team integrated all the necessary disciplines, from technical detailed design to packaging, construction management and project management. Another large company, across the Atlantic Ocean, has requested Blue Projects’ utilities and integration services for a brewery facility in Canada. Molson Coors is a North American brewing company, formed in 2005 through a merger between Molson of Canada and Coors of the United States. To guarantee the project’s success, Blue Projects has mobilized a very well-coordinated team with industrial experience, operating from the first stages of the project.

“They have been particularly impressed with CADMATIC’s ability to ensure clash-free design work. The intelligent integration between P&IDs and the 3D model makes design efficient and error free and provides topology and connectivity checks”.