Blue Projects

Boosting information management with CADMATIC eShare and eGo

Design and project management company implement eShare and eGo to broaden service offering. 

Customer challenge

    • Inefficient storage of models and documents in separate registers.
    • Boost integrated management and engineering to contribute to clients' overall performance.

    Cadmatic solution

    • eShare integrates documentation with 3D model. Documentation directly linked to equipment in model.
    • Cadmatic's powerful database-structured design system supports integrated management and engineering.

    “The Cadmatic team assisted us in the implementation and the users found the software intuitive and easy to work with.” – Ioan Iuga, Lead Design Engineer

    Tired of inefficiencies caused by storage of models and documents in separate registers? Contact us so we can show you how eShare can help.

    Blue Projects is a fast-growing design and project management company with extensive cross-industry experience. The Bucharest-based firm has been an active Cadmatic user since 2014. It delivers a wide range of projects from manufacturing facilities to real estate and commercial developments. In 2019, Blue Projects implemented CADMATIC eShare and eGo to expand its service offering.

    The implementation of Cadmatic information management solutions eShare and eGo was started in January of 2019. The primary goal of the implementation was to broaden the Blue Projects service offering.

    6D BIM models

    The company’s ambitious plans include providing 6D BIM models to their clients.

    “In future, the 3D model we create in Cadmatic will be expanded to 6D BIM for all the projects we undertake. We will implement both eShare and eGo this year on our greenfield projects,” says Ioan Iuga, Lead Design Engineer at Blue Projects.

    According to Ioan, the implementation of eShare and eGo was smooth and simple.

    “The Cadmatic team assisted us in the implementation and the users found the software intuitive and easy to work with,” says Ioan.

    In 2020, Blue Projects also implemented virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for remote users to ease work collaboration.

    Ioan Iuga, Lead Design Engineer at Blue Projects has been closely involved in the eShare implementation project.

    Ioan Iuga, Lead Design Engineer at Blue Projects has been closely involved in the eShare implementation project.

    Connecting documentation with the 3D model

    Before the implementation of Cadmatic information management solutions at Blue Projects, 3D models and documents were not connected. Models and documents were kept in separate registers and all documents were in folders on servers.

    “We had to make it work with the help of registers. Now, the documentation is integrated with the 3D model in eShare. When you click on equipment or a piece of machinery it shows the documentation connected to the object such as data sheets and existing drawings,” Ioan explains a core benefit of eShare.

    Adding value in greenfield projects

    Ioan indicates that eShare and eGo will be used in greenfield projects where they hope to add value for their clients with easier access to documentation.

    “In future, we hope to use eShare to help our clients to integrate their 3D models in eShare with SCADA systems and maintenance plans. This will allow them to receive real time factory measurements such as conveyor speeds or temperatures,” Ioan adds.

    Cadmatic supports integrated management and engineering 

    The Blue Projects design team uses an integrated management and engineering approach to ensure that projects contribute to clients’ overall performance. The approach focuses on 3D engineering and is supported by Cadmatic’s powerful database-structured design.

    “We create a complete design of the technological line before launching the system into manufacturing, thereby eliminating layout related issues, piping clashes, and civil interface risks,” says Ioan.

    The seamless integration of each engineering discipline is a key aspect in Blue Projects’ success. It avoids potential clashes during the design phases and results in a smooth and detailed execution strategy during delivery, thus avoiding equipment and construction team clashes, as well as elevated health and safety risks during construction.

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