Pulp and Paper

Design and information management solutions for pulp and paper projects

P&I Software solutions

Pulp and paper are traditionally strong industries in Finland. Thanks to these long-term traditions and large amount of completed projects Cadmatic is the leading software provider for this industry field.

The modern and innovative Cadmatic software noticeably increases the profitability of design processes in the pulp and paper industry. Easy tools for reuse of design experience accumulated inside an engineering company make Cadmatic the best choice for 3D design of pulp and paper plant investments.

All these applications have proven efficiency and have delivered the shortest ROI time in many completed pulp and paper projects around the globe.

Software solutions for pulp and paper


Integrate, visualize and share engineering, design, construction and operation information in a web portal.

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CADMATIC 3D Plant Design

Intelligent and specification-driven software speeds up and eases design work while reducing errors.

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CADMATIC Electrical

Electrical CAD software for all your design and documentation needs in electrical and automation engineering.

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