State-of-the-art design features in a cost-effective yearly subscription plan with network licensing. A comprehensive solution for small or medium-sized industrial 3D design projects.

CADMATIC Primary is all you need to succeed in your projects, reduce CAD license costs and improve the quality of design while benefiting from remote work sharing.

CADMATIC Primary is a game changer for designers that are struggling with traditional solutions that do not provide value for money and lose performance efficiency as project complexity and size increase.

Now, the full range of CADMATIC’s powerful 3D plant design features can be accessed with a competitive yearly subscription fee in CADMATIC Primary with network licensing. The primary package includes 2D drafting, 3D Plant design and P&ID modules.

If necessary, modules for electrical design, point-cloud handling, project review, and information management can be added.

Explore CADMATIC’s webinar Is inflexible CAD software licensing escalating your costs, where we will discuss network licensing and other flexible licensing options that are crucial for many companies to operate efficiently.

Read about engineering and design company ValoSys and the efficiency gains they have achieved with CADMATIC Primary

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Reference: ValoSys, Gaining efficiencies with CADMATIC Primary

Read about engineering and design company ValoSys and the efficiency gains they have achieved with CADMATIC Primary.


CADMATIC Primary covers your most important design disciplines: P&IDs, 3D layout, piping, HVAC and ducting, structural items, and highly automated extraction of construction documentation, such as layout drawings, detailed drawings, isometric drawings and BOM.

With the Primary package, three designers can work simultaneously: in CADMATIC Draw, 3D Plant Design and P&ID modules. Network licensing offers the flexibility of using the licenses on any needed workstation.

The extensive interoperability with other design systems and technology suppliers makes it possible to align design work with other project participants. Read more about the available interfaces.  

Example of project designed with CADMATIC Primary

The size limitation for 3D model objects is 15000, excluding structural and imported objects from other design systems such as imported Tekla structures, casings, or part of the project created with different design tools. The medium-size project limitation creates the opportunity to use a top class 3D Plant Design tool even if you have a limited budget. You can also always scale up the project as it progresses.